About Journal

Recent developments and issues within the scope of the Russian Federation, Central Asia and the Caucasus have been monitored and analyzed through different means and strategies during last years. Taking long-term developments and outlooks for progress under consideration, as well as security and development, we can understand the significance of thorough and in-depth studies of this region. The importance in studying this particular region, which came into existence following the collapse of the Soviet Union, rests in the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran shares a sizable geographic border with these nations.

In order to gain a comprehensive perspective, the journal of “Central Eurasia Studies” first began its publication in 2007. The journal decided to cover a wide variety of topics. It started to receive papers from different sources ranging from scientific and research centers, libraries, archives, documentation centers and prominent scholars.

It should be noted that the journal of "Central Eurasia Studies" is the only specialized academic journal in the field of Eurasian Studies that after review by the Planning and Promotion Commission of scientific journals of the University of Tehran on 12/15/2011, was agreed to be granted with scientific-research credit. The journal also received scientific-research credit from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology on 2/27/2012. The journal of "Central Eurasia Studies" has been published regularly every six months since its first publication. The journal of “Central Eurasia Studies” is an open access journal and the electronic version of the published paper is available to the public on the journal website.